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Business Programs 

Streamlined coaching that is customized to your organization's needs 

Individual Executives and High-Potentials
  • Improve communication skills [speaking, listening, question-asking, request-making, peer-to-peer, giving feedback, building trust, being authentic, being respectful]

  • Identify and correct blocks and barriers that are hindering best performance

  • Teach skills for relationship cultivation and management, partnership and consensus building

  • Translate, correct and support areas of effective feedback

  • Goal-setting with coaching to desired results

  • Increase productivity

Executive Teams (up to 5 people)
  • Improve communication

  • Teach the soft skills required for successful leadership

  • Build cohesion, consensus, partnership

  • Facilitate problem-solving

  • Figure out what’s not working right and how to fix it

  • Increase Productivity

  • Develop greater insight, clarity, direction

  • Guided brainstorming

  • Regularly scheduled availability to work on an as-needed basis with people in your organization

  • Open ended on-call availability: as specific challenges come up, or as your sounding-board and thought partner

Questions? Want to know more?

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