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“Sometimes people arrive in your life like a ferry and take you to a place you could never find by yourself. When I met Margie Altman years ago at a conference, I sensed immediately her ability to be insightful, truthful and speak in accessible ways. She helped me to pry into my own thinking and patterns, helped me change, ever so slightly and importantly, habits that previously held me back or caused me to repeat old, ineffective ways of looking at things. The assessment she administered was eye opening, but it was the way she interpreted my answers and reactions that made all the difference.  Engaging her is a great investment and a gift to yourself."

Peter Wilderotter

President and CEO

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

“I began work with Margie as I exited a leadership position with a global retailer. I did not have a vision for my next step, felt pulled in many directions, and I was conflicted as to whether my skills and my interests were at odds. I was disenchanted by the culture I was leaving behind and generally unsure of how to leverage my experience in a way that felt maximally beneficial for my life and my family, without backing away from the success I’d achieved. 


Margie helped me clarify which skills were which - which came naturally, which had been honed simply by constant necessity and use - and the distinction was illuminating. Through that work, I felt uniquely equipped to gauge the value of future roles for my own growth, as well as the value I could bring to a new organization. Rather than letting the things I was good at lead me, after our work, I felt newly in control of my path. By the time a new opportunity presented itself, I was ready, excited, and at peace about accepting it. In that role, the lessons of our work continue to play out. Within a year, my leadership, team building, and creative strategy have been rewarded many times over - both for me personally, for the organization, and the bottom line. I thank Margie for the confidence to keep making the choices that makes it possible.”

Alison Riley

Senior Director, Brand Creative

Ann Taylor

Ann, Inc.

“Working with Margie was nothing short of life-changing. I couldn't understand why I no longer felt fulfilled at my "dream job." After Margie urged me to take the CORE MAP and shared her insightful analysis with me, it all made sense. I credit our fruitful discussions with helping me discover my entrepreneurial nature. Now I run my own business, which has grown to 5 locations and 1.8 million dollars in annual revenue. I feel more successful and self-expressed than ever.”

Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Owner, Barre & Soul, LLC

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